Working papers

Working papers

Tervola, Jussi, Iivonen, Saija & Hiilamo, Heikki (2024). The blurred line between social insurance and social assistance – analysis of risk-based benefits in six countries. SustAgeable Working Paper 3/2024.

Linden, Mika & Väänänen, Niko (2023). Mean survival times and retirement ages. MPRA Paper.

Linden, Mika (2023). Retirement Age Trap: RDD Approach to Terminated Retirement Spell. MPRA Paper.

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Vaalavuo, Maria & Rask, Shadia (2022). Earnings and employment trajectories among a new cohort of immigrants in Finland: does a native-born partner enhance economic integration?. SustAgeable Working Paper 1/2022.

Kyyrä, Tomi & Tuomala, Juha (2022). The Effects of Employers’ Disability and Unemployment Insurance Costs on Benefit Inflows. VATT Working Papers 152.