The interaction work package supports the work of all work packages and promotes stakeholder cooperation, co-development and communication in the project. The interaction supports the societal impact.


Co-creation is a key element of the SustAgeable project. We will have discussions with our stakeholders on this issue throughout the project. Our goal is to work together to create new perspectives and knowledge about well-being and sustainability. Cooperation and co-development with our partners are therefore highly important in terms of achieving the project’s goals.

Advisory boards

Societal advisory board

  • Antti Kaihovaara, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
  • Taru Koivisto, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  • Jenni Pääkkönen, Ministry of Finance
  • Jaana Nevalainen, Ministry of the Environment
  • Jaakko Kiander, Keva
  • Irene Vuorisalo, Finnish Pensioners’ Federation
  • Allan Paldanius, Finnish Centre for Pensions

The societal advisory group supports the societal impact and dialogue.

Scientific advisory board

  • Kenneth Nelson, SOFI, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Andrew Clark, Paris School of Economics, France
  • Joan Costa-Font, Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK
  • Stefan Felder, Department of Economics, Basel Center for Health Economics, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Jon Gruber, MIT, USA
  • Katja Möhring, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Maarten van Ham, professor of Urban Geography at the Delft University of Technology
  • Janet Fast, professor, University of Alberta

The scientific international advisory board monitors and evaluates our scientific performance and supports international cooperation.


  • Ministries
    • Ministry of Finance
    • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
    • Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    • Ministry of the Environment
  • Political parties
  • Operators in the field of Health and well-being
    • Hospital districts
    • health and social services decision makers
    • organisers and providers of health and social services
    • Pension Association
    • Pension Security Centre
    • Labour market organisations
    • Older people’s councils in municipalities
  • Non-governmental organisations
    • Association of Carers
    • Finnish Somali Federation
    • Association of Russian-speaking Associations of Finland
  • Social Security Committee
  • Citizens and the general public

Interaction team

Interaction leader Katja Mäkkylä from MDI is responsible for this work package.

Other interaction specialists are