Distribution of well-being

Distribution of well-being

The consequences of well-being and its distribution are examined in work package 1. This work package supports the research project in its use of the common theoretical framework. The aim is to build a coherent understanding of sustainability in the context of an ageing population. The multidisciplinary perspective of the research and the collaboration between the work packages support this goal.

We base our work on existing economic, sociological and social policy research and theories about well-being and related inequalities.

Focus of this work package

In this work package, our research topics are
1. Creating a common theoretical framework
2. Indicators of well-being and sustainability
3. The consequences of ageing for well-being
4. Age structure and income inequality
5. Meeting diverse needs

An important part of this work package is interaction and co-development with stakeholders and citizens. Together with our stakeholders, we will create new insights into well-being and sustainability. If you are interested in bringing your views to the survey, please contact us.


Maria Vaalavuo

Research Manager Maria Vaalavuo from THL is responsible for this work package.

Other researchers are