SustAgeable –research project

Population ageing poses challenges to the financial sustainability of the welfare state and to today’s benefits and services. This could jeopardize the social sustainability of our society and increase inequality. We therefore seek to identify when economic and social sustainability are mutually supportive, but also where there are conflicts between them.

SustAgeable is looking for solutions that promote and enhance well-being while securing the welfare state’s future funding base.

We provide information that supports decision-makers in their decision-making processes over the sustainability of our welfare society.

The research project focuses on

1. the distribution of well-being between regions, generations and groups of people
2. curbing the growth of social and health care expenditure
3. opportunities to prolong careers and develop the integration of immigrants
4. the distribution of care responsibilities
5. regional differences in population ageing trends due to internal and international migration.

Implementation of the project

We study quantitative and qualitative data

In the study, we use unique register data from Finland and EU-wide survey data which we supplement with qualitative data collected from interviews and focus group discussions.

We have expert discussion groups

We look for and discuss solutions together with our partners (link: Stakeholders). A steering group of experts from various sectors support the interaction and societal impact of the project. We are also looking for new partners for co-creation, so please contact us (link: contact form) if you are interested in the project.

Online service collects and analyses data

In 2022, an interactive tool will open on our website that collects, analyses and visualises citizens’ views on well-being and sustainability and how best to promote them. The information produced jointly through the service is utilised as part of the research.

Consortium and Strategic Research Council behind the research project

We are implementing the SustAgeable project in a consortium that includes

  • Finnish Institute for health and welfare (THL)
  • VATT Institute for Economic Research
  • Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK)
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
  • University of Helsinki
  • Labore
  • MDI

The research is funded by the Strategic Research Council which operates in connection with the Academy of Finland. You can find more information about us on the Researchers page (link).